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August 27, 2012
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Theme: Neko
Pairings: SasuNaru
Club: SasuNaruSasu4Life

To Naruto, Sasuke had always meant more to him then just a friend. That's why he was so eager to bring him back to Konoha and have him near him. Of course, Naruto did not think Sasuke felt the same way. The raven always treated him with no respect whatsoever and called him a loser every time he tried to show that he was not going to give up on anything.

Sasuke, of course had eventually come back. Not on his own accord but Naruto had convinced him with a lot of work. Sasuke was still his usual self and had started dating Sakura. Naruto couldn't help but, feel jealous when she clinged to his arm. Today, unfortunately, was one of those days.

Sakura: Sasuke-kun, do you think we could go out tonight?

Sasuke: I can't Sakura. I have a headache.

Sakura: "I could help you with that", she said trying to sound flirtatious.

Sasuke: Not that kind of a headache.

Naruto looked at Sasuke and caught him staring at him. The blond turned around, embarrassed, while the raven smirked slightly. Sakura had noticed that Sasuke had turned distant towards her and she got mad when he looked at Naruto. She wasn't oblivious or stupid; she knew Sasuke liked Naruto and was gay and she wasn't going to be mad at Naruto for it but she also wasn't going to let Sasuke go without trying everything she could to keep him. So she turned his head and kissed him with all the passion she could.

Sasuke: Goodnight Sakura.

The Uchiha didn't let the Haruno say anything before vanishing. Sakura looked surprised and a little disappointed but she loved Naruto like her own brother so she wasn't going to be a bitch to him because the guy she loved loved her best friend.

Sakura: "Goodnight Naruto. See you tomorrow", she said reaching for Naruto to hug him. Naruto smiled with warmness and hugged her back.

Naruto: Goodnight Sakura-chan.

She smiled and started walking in the direction of her house. Naruto sighed knowing that if he ever told Sasuke his feelings, he would probably turn him down. Sasuke was an Uchiha and he needed to restore his clan and he needed a woman for that. So he sighed and walked to his apartment where he found no one and nothing but loneliness. The blonde's auburn tail swirled around when he finally took off his clothes. Shinobe didn't usually have tails or whiskers like cats but Naruto had a fox living inside of him and because of that, he had the Kyuubi's features.

Naruto was so busy falling asleep in his bed that he didn't notice a certain raven head climb into his window and stare at him. Sasuke liked to watch Naruto's tail go up and down on his mattress as he drifted to sleep. The Uchiha smirked and approached Naruto, slowly. He wasn't the type to fall for someone that wasn't a girl but there was just something about him that made the raven crave him. He didn't know what it was but tonight was the night where Sasuke was going to make Naruto his.

Sasuke came close to the knuckle head's bed and sat down on it. The blonde turned around and yawned. He was no longer facing Sasuke and was now facing his window. He didn't wake up though, which made Sasuke smirk. The avenger pulled the covers and slid into the comfortable bed. His hand hovered over the blonde's slim waist and brought it closer to him.

Naruto: Sasuke… Ah…

Naruto was still sleeping and the fact that he was having these thoughts about Sasuke in his sleep made the Uchiha smirk and feel overly conceded.

Sasuke: "Naruto…", he said seductively in the blonde's ear. "Wake up."

Naruto: "Hn… Just five more minutes Sasu-", he said before opening his eyes and jumping up. "Wait. Sasuke?! What are you doing here?!", he said looking at him. He didn't seem angry or scared. He just looked surprised.

Sasuke: Don't pretend you don't know, dope. I see the blush you get when I look at you.

By now, Sasuke had pulled down Naruto from the bed and got him on top of him. Now, Sasuke didn't usually let people get on top of him, but this time, for some reason, he didn't mind.

Naruto: "It's not like we could have a real relationship, Sasuke", he blurted out sitting on his friends waist. "I mean, were both guys. And you're dating Sakura."

Sasuke: Naruto, love comes in the strangest ways. I don't care if were both guys. And Sakura is Sakura. She'll get used to it one day. She's going to have to.

Naruto looked deep into Sasuke's dark orbs and couldn't help but feel nothing but happiness that his crush liked him back. It wasn't like Sasuke to do the opposite of what the Uchiha clan would expect him to do. I mean, falling for someone with the same sex of you wasn't something you were supposed to if the Uchiha clan's survival was all up to you. As for the Uzumaki clan… Well, they weren't alive to know and it's not like Naruto could know what they wanted.

Sasuke: "You know", he said as he took one of Naruto's blond strands of hair and twirling it around his index finger. "You should stop looking at me like that. It's making me want you even more", he said taking Naruto completely out of his thoughts.

Naruto: "Oh, yeah?", he said playing along. "What are you going to do if I don't stop?"

Sasuke looked at up his prey and smirked. That's when his dominate state perked up and he pushed Naruto on the bed before sliding on top.

Sasuke: You know what they say. If you play with fire, you'll get burn.

Naruto's tail started flapping as his heartbeat quickened. Sasuke could feel the fur on his leg and his suddenly couldn't stand it and kissed his childhood friend. Naruto, wanting this kiss more than anything, cupped the avenger's face and brought him closer.

As the two continued to kiss, Sasuke dark tail slowly started to grow out as, he too, became vulnerable. They're tails clinged together and connected. It was like, ever since the beginning, they were meant to be together.

Naruto: "I", he said in between kisses. "love you, Sasuke."

He hadn't meant to say it then, but in his state, he couldn't hold back any longer and as Sasuke stopped kissing his neck, he knew he had made a mistake.

Naruto: "I didn't-", he said not expecting his crush to answer before he had time to explain.

Sasuke: I love you too, dope.

For the first time since Naruto had met his parents, during his battle with Pein and his training with Killer B, he smiled with the slightest tear that could only be seen by someone who was paying close attention to him.

Sasuke: Don't cry Naruto. You're going to have to start getting used to hearing that if you want to be with me, because I'm going to say none stop.

Naruto chuckled and kissed his love. Their tongues touch and their heated moment started to get even hotter as clothes started to get removed and moans started to get out of their mouths.

Sasuke woke up with his arm around a sleeping and naked Naruto. His eyes had to adjust to the brightness before he could approach his lover's ear and whisper to him: "Wake up my love. We don't want to be late."

Naruto: "Just five more minutes, Sasuke", he said well remembering what they had done last night and knowing that it now made sense to say that.

Sasuke: I love you, Naruto.

Naruto shot his eyes open and smiled. He loved to here those words come out of his mouth. It was like a beautiful medley being sung by a canary. He turned to face his raven crush and kissed his lips softly.

Naruto: It's going to take a while to get used to those words but I love you too Sasuke.

He smiled back at the blonde and as they both got up they decided that they're weren't going to keep their relationship a secret. It was going to be something they would scream to the entire world over and over again. If Konoha could accept Sasuke back to Konoha despite all the damage he had caused, they could accept that he was gay with the village's hero.


As they made their way to the gathering area of their team, hand in hand, they thought of ways to tell their teammate and Sensei. They thought that they were the only ones there, considering how early it was, but to their surprise, their stood Sakura biting her nails. They tried to separate their hands as they approached her but it was too late. She had seen them and they had known it.

Sasuke: "Sakura, we-", he said before she raised her hand at them and told them to shut their mouths.

Sakura: Don't worry. I know. I've know since the kiss at the academy. You guys are inseparable and there's nothing I can do. It's just a shame that I can't hit either of you because I love you both and am happy for you. This sucks!

The two lovebirds looked at each other and decided on the same thing before even saying anything. They grew open their arms and enlaced Sakura in their arms. They couldn't believe she could be this understanding after being in love with Sasuke all these years. I guess she would have to settle for two best friends instead of one boyfriend.
Well here goes my very first SasuNaru Fanfiction. Now, I didn't just write this because I was bored. I wrote for :iconsasunarusasu4life:'s Neko Contest. I hope it's good.

Special Messages for all my watchers who don't like or agree with SasuNaruSasu and who are scared for SasuSaku and NaruHina

I'M NOT DONE WITH SASUSAKU OR NARUHINA!!! I loved those couples more than anything. I have recently got a liking to SasuNaru but that doesn't mean that I'm only going to write about them. I just have been writing a lot of contest entries for SasuSaku and NaruHina and writing something different felt good. If you don't want to read it, don't and wait for my next deviation. I hope you guys will still watch me and love what I write because all I done is all thanks to you guys! I love you all :)

Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto
Pic belongs to the very talented :iconjasuli93:
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